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  • Country : Myanmar
  • Forum : 59th batch (2018 Spring Forum)
Hello, the 59th forum organizer, IATSS founder and the participant from ASEAN countries! I am grateful for this marvelous gift and thanks to God, IATSS, Referees for application and Country secretariat. My name is Lahpai Nang Htang, nick name is Nang. I am from northern part of Myanmar which is called Kachin state. There is big tourist attract area such as Chakabo Razi ice-cap, Irrawaddy Confluence and many other places. Warmly welcome to all. The training itinerary seem to be designed by exhausted list, it might be balance working hard and knowledge to obtain. I hope this training is prepared that the participant has to perform brainpower and brawnpower effort correspondingly. The IATSS Forum Committee prepares to learn in class formally and to acquire informally through sensory motors. There are variety of issues that ASEAN region must cooperative and solve at current. It is curiosity what we will learn from the training and designed curriculum for training that promote empower skill to become an ASEAN leader. This forum will give us valuable and fruitful skills and knowledge to contribute our institution development and society. The participant can build up their capacity through various learning activities participation. The diversities cultural, idea, and work skills from the different participant can help us to enrich creative leadership skills which is urgently demand skill in the 21st century.