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  • Country : Vietnam
  • Forum : 59th batch (2018 Spring Forum)
My name is Tien and my nickname is Terry, the name of my favorite English football defender. I was born and have been growing up in a poor village in Thai Nguyen province, where the buffaloes work hard with farmers on the paddy fields from the dawn to the end of day. I have been so familiar with the hardship and privation of many lives in my motherland, which makes me think differently and have a dream to make their lives abundant. This also inspired me to pursue the major of food technology in Hanoi University of Science and Technology and my strong aspiration is improving the productivity of those small rice fields in my motherland - Thai Nguyen province in particular and the Northern mountainous region in Vietnam in general. Based on my own research, Japan is my favorite destination and the best choice in the world for visiting and studying. From my heart, being chosen to be one member of the course of leader IATSS forum is my amazing opportunity for me to learn knowledge, skills and practical lessons in Japan. Upon my completion, I ensure that I will apply what I have been educated appropriately to solve the current challenges and problems that my motherland is encountering for the purpose of “the sustainable development”. At present, I am thinking of days when I will meet and stand with my friends from 8 countries in ASIA and I hope the time will come as soon as possible. I guess I will be interested in the systematically essential knowledge and skills of the course that will consolidate and strengthen my leadership skills. I currently work at Trade and Industry Department in Thai Nguyen Province. My duties are to support Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) and provide them with fruitfull market information. This is a golden opportunity to share and achieve knowledge and skills with other Asian participants from the prospective guest speakers about the leadership styles, knowledge, administration and others.