The Cancellation of the IATSS Forum Spring Batch (May to July 2020)

We regret to announce that the 63rd IATSS Forum, scheduled from May to July 2020, has been canceled for the following reasons.

  1. The number of COVID-19 infections in Japan still continues to increase at this moment, and it seems that this trend may continue for a while.
  2. Under these uncertain circumstances, we cannot guarantee a safe and healthy environment for participants and people concerned at the IATSS Forum.
  3. Travel to Japan may be restricted by the governments of respective countries.
  4. Upon the completion of the program in Japan, there is a risk of traveling restrictions back to respective countries from Japan. Even if participants are able to go back to their respective countries, they may be requested to engage in self-isolation for 14 days.


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Participant's Voices

Nang [59th batch (2018 Spring Forum)] [Myanmar]

Participating in 59th batch (2018 Spring Forum)Myanmar

Voice before the participation

Voice after the participation

55 days IATSS forum in Japan is “Ichi Go Ichi E” in my life. Thank you to IATSS forum staff, professors who give us indispensable skills to be society supporter in psychical and cognitive work. I am proud of learning and spending time together with personable participants from ten countries in the IATSS forum training in Japan. I am enthusiastic to meet all again in the alumni event in the future.
IATSS forum learning style is participant-oriented approach, participants solve arduous problem in the group discussion. The IATSS forum prepare various learning activities for inside and outside the classroom that increase us leadership skills and open minded. The IATSS forum do not give you single answer to achieve something in the learning process so, the participants must be responsible and proactive in the entire learning process to achieve our share goal.
It is an enjoyable and beneficial learning journey. We have got plenty of experience, knowledge and skills that will be precious of our life.