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  • Country : The Philippines
  • Forum : 60th batch (2018 Autumn Forum)
Mabuhay, I am Dulce from the Philippines! Whenever things feel a little too comfortable, I try to look for new experiences that will shake things up. —this is how I found the IATSS program. Being a month away from this event makes me realize just how nervous I am for the same things that I am excited about. One of the nerve-racking things that I am really looking forward to doing in this forum is to share the Filipino story in terms of culture, history, and politics, as well as impart what knowledge I have, being a civil servant in my country. In addition to this, I am anxious to meet 16 different people from 8 different countries, cultures, and backgrounds but I also am excited to work and exchange ideas with them. Looking forward to building a more sustainable Asia! Mata ne! Sincerely, Dulce