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  • Country : Laos
  • Forum : 49th batch (2012 Autumn Forum)
There is no such kind of words and sentences to express my feeling while I was selected as a participant to attend the 49th IATSS Forum, at the exciting minute made me out of control to show up the signal of happiness, and smiling face was with me for a week later. Thousands of great reasons have been fascinated and inspired me in trying hard to gain knowledge and experience in this country. On the one hand, Japan is my dream country where I want to visit the most, because of the unique of culture, ancestor and amazed people, especially not only Japanese people I can meet and learn from but also I am going to meet several different professional field careers in the similar society. On the other hands, the term of“Thinking and Learning together” it is hopefulness for me in having great opportunity to meet theprofessional in his/her career in the Asian region. The expectation to learn, think and share each one experience is made up in my mind and waiting for the time come. Right now, I am already starting to countdown the days until I will leave my beloved country (Laos) to prove amazing experiences what I have dream so far in Japan and I am now still exciting to meet all of you in Japan, See you soon !!!