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  • Country : Singapore
  • Forum : 60th batch (2018 Autumn Forum)
Hi everyone! I am thankful and excited to be part of the 60th IATSS Forum. Japan is a fascinating country; while it is a modern metropolis, many aspects of the country is still deeply steeped in traditions and values. The organisation of the country is very methodical and precise, yet the systems are people-oriented. I am sure I will gain much insights about the Japan culture, both through the seminars and interactions with the locals. I look forward to learning from other participants as well. Everyone will bring different experiences and perspectives to broaden our learnings from the programme. I also look forward to making new friends and deepen my understanding of the neighbouring countries. This will be a memorable and fruitful experience for all. I am grateful to the Singapore Secretariat for inviting me to apply for IATSS this year and both the Japan team and Singapore Secretariat for all the coordination behind the scene! Look forward to meeting everyone in Japan soon! Thanks and best regards, Part of the People’s Association Koh Zhenru