Applying Knowledge and Experience from
IATSS Forum & Paying Forward to Community

Participant's Voices


  • Country : Myanmar
  • Forum : 60th batch (2018 Autumn Forum)
“Warmest greeting from Myanmar to 60th participant friends and IATSS staffs.I am Soe. I am working at International SOS as Chief Medical Officer. I have some friends who are the role models in our communities. They have good leadership skills, self discipline and integrity. And they are actively participated in community activities. Coincidently I noticed that most of them are IATSS alumni members. It attracted my attention and I interviewed them what kind of training or learning they have passed in IATSS forum. All of them gave me same answer “You will learn sustainability in diversity” . And they gave me same advised “Go there and feel it by yourself”. I have been waiting to get this chance for 19 months. When I received my starter pack, I am very impressive in organizing committees. The itinerary is magnificently designed. So I am really excited to participate in this forum. “ Thanks Soe
"Writing with warmest regards to IATSS family from Myanmar. Before I went to IATSS forum, I interviewed several alumni. "How is this program? Itineraries are not concerned with me. There is not much about leadership in program. Is it really worth to spend 55 days in Japan” Many questions were running around in my head. Every alumni gave me only one answer “go there and feel it by yourself”. I decided to get a break from my job for 55 days. Started the journey with dilemma. After first 5 days in IATSS forum, I noticed that this program might give me new views. The whole program gave chances to explore and experience by ourselves. It was not just for studying. I found out that discussing with 19 young leaders from 10 countries was not an easy task. I got the pictures how country level discussion would be.  It created safe environment for everyone so I would not be judged. Opportunities for challenging myself gave me to find out my new talents. Going around one place to another place in tight schedules. Raising flags, singing songs and playing pingpong in daily activities. Discussing and resolving conflicts in group works.  Practiced how to get a common goal with different backgrounds, perspectives and skills in the inclusive way. It reflected the meaning of thinking and learning together. Program is magnificently design with hearty thoughts. Every chances, every experiences and every people I met might be once in a life time, Ichigo Ichie. It relayed the message that value and feel every single moment  in the present.  Heartfelt thanks to everyone who makes me who I am today.