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  • Country : Indonesia
  • Forum : 59th batch (2018 Spring Forum)
Hello again from Indonesia It's almost three months since the 59th IATSS Forum program ended. I came to Japan to learn, funnily enough it turned out that this program was a holiday to me. My life at work typically consists of 10 percent of routine work and so much of unanticipated agenda. At most times I found myself juggling between prioritized tasks, rushing from one appointment to another and anticipating sudden change of schedule. And in where I work, I have to work with different people of different backgrounds and to cope with whom I wish I didn't have to team up with. So my life before IATSS looked like a tangled headphone cords; it's only straight to find itself tangled again. The moment I received my weekly schedule I felt like bursting into grateful tears to know that I'd have amazing training activities, all neatly organized. It's kind of packed that still let you breathe and have a moment of realizing how thankful I should be to join this program. I was also thankful to have an amazing team for the program's final project. My group consisted of outstanding professionals who appreciated each other although each of us had different approach to getting the task done. Most of us could also talk openly about our weaknesses. I never had this kind of group, particularly not in my current workplace. Apart from all that, I was exposed to insightful ideas from my fellow participants on how to connect people to quality information on the internet. If you read this because you want to know what the training would give you, all I'd say is... see it for yourself :)