Applying Knowledge and Experience from
IATSS Forum & Paying Forward to Community

Participant's Voices


  • Country : Vietnam
  • Forum : 61st batch(2019 Spring Forum)
Dear IATSS Forum, I can’t wait to see you ALL in Suzuka city! My full name is Doan Van Thanh, from Binh Duong University, Viet Nam. Host the international students, set a lot of cultural -academic exchange and give lectures about Vietnamese History and culture to foreign students are some wonderful things I really want to carry out at my university. It is very difficult to achieve these goals, but with a desire of knowledge, skills, and English,I can overcome that tough situation and gain success. I graduated in History (2007) and in English (2014) from Can Tho University. I taught History and English at high school for over 9 years. With all my experience, I myself understand clearly about the importance and the necessity of international cooperation in Education, especially when I work for Binh Duong University, in International Relations,I have opportunities to “bring the world” to my students. Being a member in the IATSS Forum in Japan with many countries around is a key to open that door to the world. Spend time in taking the training and workshop, practicing skills and making projects in Japan with international friends will bring me a good chance to widen my knowledge not only in my professional career but also in my personal experience. Especially, “leadership training” in the IATSS Forum is the most attractive part of the program. Definitely I will obtain a lot and diverse of skills including team- building, project planning, cultural exchange. Last but not least, English fluency is the result of practicing and learning from each other in an international atmosphere. I hope in the future, Binh Duong university in specific, Viet Nam education system in general will succeed in setting and maintaining those international collaborations in purpose of building opportunities for life training./.
"I am stronger and better day by day during the IATSS Forum program, I cannot explain in details but there is something in my heart and my spirit not only in my daily life, family, but also in workplace. I am a good listener now, I want to do more to contribute to my university or wherever I work for. Dealing with some unexpected situation even it is not my fault I also feel more empathetic and ready to collaborate to find the solutions. Actually, through this program, I understand myself better, understand why I failed. Therefor I have been learning how to be better with knowledge and skills; English; planning; group work; self-criticism; positive thinking. Those are some valuable take-away things and they benefit my life so much! Indeed, the IATSS Forum program is an “Ichigo ichie” in my life and I believe that it is also the precious memories and experiences of all 61st batch. Nowadays, we care more about the responsibility to the community, society and nature. Towards sustainable development is one of the urgent and necessary goals that all members must join hands with. In that success, the sense of responsibility and self-criticism, consider the impacts on natural resources and the environment, the future generation is a must consider thing! I really like the illustrative example of a Professor Yuto Kitamura at Tokyo University when aiming at a world in which sacrifice does not bring loss but rather happiness based on sustainable development ecosystem./.". Doan Van Thanh - Viet Nam!