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  • Country : Myanmar
  • Forum : 49th batch (2012 Autumn Forum)
“IATSS Forum” these two words are shaking my mind since I received message, I am being selected to join IATSS Forum: The best Leadership program composed of tons of knowledge of JAPAN. The themes of seminars of IATSS are really particular and widely covered the subjects what a perfect leader should aware of. 18 participants from 9 Asia countries will meet, discuss and share knowledge each other based on the highly development of Japan. It makes me really excited and I feel proud of myself. I am expecting to absorb much new knowledge and idea from IATSS Forum. I have great expectation from colorful and hilarious Japan which is studded with innovation, R & D and exploration beyond border. I do have burning enthusiasm to learn everything within the shortest time possible by leap and bound. It goes without saying that Japan is an igloo of expectation and enthusiasm, of which can get skyful of precious general commercial knowledge and the needs of times in my country. I do have an urge to relate my fellow business young leader on the value and virtue of IATSS Forum, which is still foreign to our dynamic and promising new generation. I will expose myself to them for their inspiration to learn arts and sciences in Japan in the nearest future.
When I think about of my first day at the IATSS forum, it still feels like yesterday. Time passed very fast. I learned many valuable things and new ideas from the forum and I understand more about my life. Many people asked me one question before I come to Japan, “What is the IATSS Forum”. I answered them quickly the IATSS Forum is a leadership program. But now I know it. I was wrong absolutely wrong. Now I know more about it the IATSS Forum is not only a Leadership program but also a place where a person can get to know his/her own weak points and change weakness into strengths. There is a Chinese saying “If a man knows about himself he has won 50% of the battle before the start, if he knows not only about himself but about his enemy he is 100% sure to win” Because of the forum, I know not only about what leadership is and being a leader but also about myself, I was able to change my weakness to strengths because of forum. I gained more power and courage from the forum. I am sure I will be winning the future challenges of my life because the forum showed me what I need and how to overcome the challenges of my life. “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in raise every time we fall” Soichiro Honda I learned this concept from the HONDA Head Quarters; I still keep this concept in my heart today. I used to be afraid of failing in life. I used to enjoy in the comfort zone of my life because I wanted an easy life. The IATSS FORUM empowered me and strengthened me to overcome all challenge in the future, I was born into the world with bare hands and bare feet but within two months IATSS FORUM equipped me with • The hat that called knowledge, • The clothes called wisdom, • The shoes called social network, • The gloves called experiences. Now I am ready to overcome every current challenge and also ready to warmly welcome future challenges by wearing the hat, the clothes, the shoes and the gloves provided by IATSS FORUM. Thank you IATSS FORUM, Thank you all