Applying Knowledge and Experience from
IATSS Forum & Paying Forward to Community

Participant's Voices


  • Country : The Philippines
  • Forum : 61st batch(2019 Spring Forum)
Mabuhay! I am Edz Lopez from the Philippines! I can’t wait to see you all (staff and participants) and of course, experience the 61st IATSS Forum. I have heard various IATSS stories from alumni and most of them said that this is the best leadership training program in Japan. Having heard of that makes me more excited to be in the forum with you all. I expected that this program will not just heighten our awareness on what is going on in our respective countries but will also deepened our love to be nation-builders through different activities prepared for us by the organizers who are very well-organized in all aspects of the program. Thank you in advance for the efforts exerted for all of us. I engage with indigenous communities recently and I have seen that in our initiatives, we are in need of this kind of training program. A program that will not just improve our leadership skills but will also allow us to see best practices of Japan and other countries as well in terms of sustainability, culture preservation, and the like. I am hopeful that after the program, I will be going back to the Philippines with myriad lessons learned, skilled enough to implement sustainable projects and very inspired knowing that I have a new family in all of you. I am also excited to hear your stories, your advocacies and even your strategies in order to make a difference in the community. I have high hopes that we get to really think and learn together, then later get to contribute something to Asia and the world. Excited to meet you, Edz
It may sound so cliché but this program changes the way I look at life, career and community concerns almost 360 degrees. They dished out nothing but the best which help me to be back to my feet and this time live with a purpose. I should say that IATSS Forum allows me to step back and dig more of who I am and what else I can do in order for me to be a leader full of values and give back to my community with meaningful and sustainable initiatives. True to its motto, Thinking and Learning Together, the program is really designed to go out of your shell and do almost all things either with your co-participant from your very own country, study group members, staff, volunteers, professors and even your family in Suzuka. I love how we live with the motto. By doing this, my perspectives on different aspects really widened. You will also be surprised that you will discover more of yourself while engaging in many activities for 55 days then leave Japan with your upgraded self. The moment you get your completion certificate which is by the way you only accomplished 50% as mentioned by Ishii san, you thought it’s the finish line. You are totally wrong, it is still the beginning of the real race of life for you are expected to echo and implement what you learned in the program to your respective countries. I should not forget the power of dreams introduced by Honda.  It also inspired me to still try to achieve dreams (even my childhood dreams).  Now, Im back to my work and missing my unbelievable batch. -Edz from Unbelievable Philippines