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  • Country : Thailand
  • Forum : 61st batch(2019 Spring Forum)
Hello “SaWasDee” from Thailand. I’m Dauenden Nakseeharach,. I am an assistant professor at Faculty of Law, Mahasarakham University. Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to express my most heartfelt appreciation to attain the Forum. I hope the forum can provide me how to organize the structure of Forum and make it more attractive. The activities in the first and last days, which are about creating inspiration in learning to be and "Thinking and Learning Together" is what I want to learn. Because it is a key factor to the success of learning in the new era. Secondly, there are a plenty of topics in this course that I think it is interesting and I never explain before, for instance, issues regarding. I try to improve myself all the time. The motivation encouraging me to be better from three ultimate goals in my life – i.e. to work with what I love, to make people happy and to learn experiences from the others. Lastly, I hope not only to obtain valuable experiences, knowledge and new perspective of Forum, but expect to share my previous experiences and ideas with everyone. When I learned about the IATSS Forum’s leadership capability building program, I realize that “this must be it” which would probably answer my quest for more experience to be learned and shared among participants of different fields from ASEAN countries and Japan. Having studied the experience success of those who have undergone 55 days of training at the IATSS Forum, I have no doubt that everything I am about to learn and share at the Forum will certainly allow me to find more and diverse approaches to deal effectively with the challenges I continue to face in the future.