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  • Country : Malaysia
  • Forum : 61st batch(2019 Spring Forum)
Time flies. Another three weeks to go. Thank you Allah for his blessing. Being selected to represent my country Malaysia to the 61st IATSS – the Asian Young Leader Forum in Suzuka Japan like a dream come true! I just received my 2nd travel information kit, and I know that I’m are going to learn so much and will be occupied with forum, study tour, cultural exchange and others activities. 11 May 2019 will be the date that I’ll be flight off. I really can’t wait for this date to come – to learn, experience, discover myself and discover the world! I look forward to share my skill, knowledge and experience with other young leaders across Asia and at the same time broaden myself with knowledge and understanding of the social, cultural, environmental, economic and political perspectives of the ASEAN countries and in particular, Japan. The cross culture teamwork and working with people from different professions and backgrounds will definitely be exciting and an eye-opener. The knowledge to be gained from this forum in particular the unique culture and lifestyle of Japan would be useful for my professional development, enhance my self-esteem and improve my leadership skills. And also, the staff and members of IATSS forum have been very warm, welcoming and hospitable even prior to our arrival – domo arigatou gozaimas! I’m sure we will all have a wonderful time there!
Che Nor Asyura Che Kamarudin (Asyura) Malaysia – 61st batch/ 2019 IATSS forum was essential turning point in my life. I’m able to think of myself in pretty concrete terms – qualities in relationships and works. IATSS forum had me question what kind of person I wanted to be. With what types of traits? How did I want to feel?. I experience myself now is something a lot more solid than before. I’m whoever I declare myself to be in thought, in word and in action. The forum not only has enriched my personal growth but it help me to improve my leadership skills, and likewise had taught me about sustainable community design. I can also safely say it was a life changing experience, because within three weeks of my return, I made the decision to quit from my business and just focus on my career as Corporate Social Responsibility practitioner. All the fear and doubt had gone – I just knew it was the right thing to do. I become more firm, focus and positive. I’m really value the experienced and knowledge I gained during my 56 days journey in IATSS. I loved every moment of thinking and learning together with my ASEAN’s brothers and sisters as well. Many thanks to IATSS staff for taking a good care of us!, I love and miss you all. Arigato Gozaimasu IATSS Malaysia & Japan. Ichi-Go, Ichi-e!