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Anh [62nd batch(2019 Autumn Forum)] [Vietnam]

Participating in 62nd batch(2019 Autumn Forum)Vietnam

Voice before the participation

Hello everyone,
I am Hoang Anh (Ms) from Vietnam.
I am very happy and proud to be selected as participants of IATSS Forum 62th. I apply for the IATSS Forum with the expectation that the program will help me strengthen leadership skills, widen network and increasej knowledge and understanding of the world we are living in. Besides, this is my first time visiting Japan, I am very excited to visit Japan, a country famous for its culture, her people and the “miracle Japan”. I want to experience Japan more than just a tourist, want to immerse myself in her rich culture and special spirit. I hope that all knowledge, experiences, learning from the IATSS Forum will help me in leading my organization into greater pathway for the betterment of the people.
During 7 months waiting, I am even more impressed about the way people in Japan work, every single things is cared about, very practical thing like what to bring? How to dress? Souvernir and gift to prepare, pictures of staff… very detail and supportive. The program has started even before it starts. I am also moved by the letter from Mr. Ichiro Uekusa where he ends by “take great care of yourself”. I feel the balance between work and personal care, feel the spirit of the program and I have already learnt a lot even before the program has officially started.
I am a single-mother of a 7-year-old boy and a leader of an organization, I have to arrange a lot to attend 55 days in Japan but I know that the trip will worth the efforts.
I can’t wait to be in Japan and self-seeing all miracles that she will bring to my life.
See you all very soon.
With love,
Hoang Anh