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  • Country : Singapore
  • Forum : 49th batch (2012 Autumn Forum)
Hello Everyone! My name is Lilian from Singapore! I am very glad to be able to embark on this learning journey.Apart from English and Mandarin, I can speak a little bit of Japanese, Thai, French, etc. I love to learn languages of the world as it brings us closer to each other. Being in the automotive industry, I am very excited when I saw the opening for IATSS forum and immediately applied for it! The words “go to Japan”, “Thinking and Learning together”, “Suzuka F1 circuit”,“traffic safety”, “social contribution” and “ASEAN friends” are what appealed to me greatly. Indeed, it is the best thing that happened to me this year - to be chosen! It is only ~1 month's time and I will be there! I am very excited now! Looking at the syllabuses, I believe I will be able to gain much knowledge and improve the way I see things around me. I am very glad that this year's theme is Eco-tourism. It is a very important topic in this era where mother earth has suffered much damages now and we should learn to preserve it. This forum will not only help me in my career development, but my personal development as well. I will treasure this opportunity and learn as much as I can! Japan, here I come!! Lookingforward to see all of you!