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IATSS Forum & Paying Forward to Community

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  • Country : The Philippines
  • Forum : 62nd batch(2019 Autumn Forum)
Mabuhay! This is Dara, writing to you while taking a break from reviewing a feasibility study for a regional airport here in the Philippines. I am a civil engineer working under the Department of Transportation and as such, it is my duty and responsibility to develop transportation plans that integrate future technologies and operational requirements, in accordance with applicable transportation standards and recommends practices, for the Airports and Aviation Sector. As the third anniversary of my being a government employee approaches, I am thankful that my enthusiasm for public service has not waned. I still find joy and fulfillment in being part of projects that have a great impact on the transportation landscape of the country; providing service to the Filipino people. It is with the heart of a public servant that I extend my gratitude to the IATSS Forum Staff for choosing me out of the other similarly deserving applicants to participate in the 62nd IATSS Forum. Going over the materials for the training program, I can't help but feel excited to "Thinking and Learning Together" with other young professionals from other Asian countries. I hope that the exposure to the work ethics of different cultures would, hopefully, result in the strengthening of mine. With this year's theme "Sustainable Community Design", I hope to not only learn but to also build my character and the leadership skills that will allow me to be more effective in my role in the planning of airports and aviation facilities in my country. As I return to my duties for the day, I wish that the preparations by the staff and the participants for the Forum are going well. I hope that we see each other in good health that we may experience and enjoy the 62nd IATSS Forum together :)