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  • Country : Malaysia
  • Forum : 62nd batch(2019 Autumn Forum)
Hello everyone! I am Nadia from Malaysia. When I was told that I was selected to participate in IATSS forum, I felt so thankful. It comes once in a blue moon and I want to embrace the opportunity, do the best that I can as my country representative. Japan is one of the leading countries when it comes to modernization and I was impressed by its rapid development and urbanization since Meiji Restoration era. I applied to this program because I want to enhance my leadership skill at full-throttle speed. Leadership is an essential skill needed by everyone to be learned, not only to lead others but mainly to lead ourselves towards improvised wisdom every single day. Japanese developed their country and community stupendously after the war. The stunning leadership was what drove them to be a modernized and respectful country today. I wish I can learn the same leadership virtue from the forum and unleash the confidence in me and shine out my best quality as an emerging leader in future throughout thinking and learning together process. Everyone can be a leader. Undeniably, each of us is a leader; we lead ourselves every day, we make decision as early as we open our eyes in the morning. We choose either we want to be a good or a bad leader through the example that we give them. In order to be respected by many, we need to master the art of leadership skill that keen by the people and capable to unite them as one. This is the strength of Japanese leadership that I observed. Despite of poor natural resources, yet they advanced further in various sectors economically and strengthened their human resources quality. All of the nation critical decisions and policy making by the government were supported by the people heartily vividly seen through their unity, hence, benefits everyone. This one movement leadership is the type of leadership that I desire to learn in this forum. I am not sure what awaits me in future and I am so excited to learn new things and gain new experiences. I will be forever grateful for having this chance in my lifetime.
Konnichiwa Everyone! 55 days ended so fast in the blink of an eye. I still remember the feeling when I was coming to Japan, it was stirred with the emotion of excitement yet I felt nervous and curious, because I was about to meet new great potential young leaders around Asia with different beliefs and cultural diversity. What did I learn? A plethora sets of knowledge, experience, and aptitude. I was fortunate to be selected as part of 62nd batch of IATSS. I set few goals to be achieved at the end of the program and thankfully throughout this program, I was able to reach my leadership objectives. I cannot really say specifically what I have gained in this program because it was too many and it solely depends on you and your personal preference on what do you want to indulge with and improve as the leader for your community. Perhaps, you are already a great talented leader in your country but the real perk of joining this program is, you will figure out many unexplored inputs which will inspire you and make you realize that actually you do-not-know- that- much and eventually you learnt that you need to learn more. The experiences gained are the unlimited widespread benefits for your both personal and working life. Whoever you are in your country, leave it behind, immerse yourself with the whole new world, do not create a wall of old bricks knowledge and skills just because you-think-you-know. Advisably, be a sponge; absorb every new thing that comes willingly and enthusiastically. You can blend your schemata with the new information that you will pursue and transform a better and a greater version of the old you. Believe me, IATSS Forum is the right platform for the emerging leaders to polish up their strength and virtue. The excellent program content with an assist from the ardent IATSS staff, will provide you a new insight of leadership definition, mutuality concept understanding of you, others, and community in new horizons. You will start thinking and behaving in new paradigm because being part of IATSS family will make you more competent and make you whole as a leader Come and join us, you won’t regret it! Yellow Alert! Gambarimasu and Ichi-go Ichi-e, you will listen these 2 words repeatedly from the staff thus it will stuck in your head permanently and haunt you forever. It cannot be avoided anyway. Accept it as your blessed curse. You will smile whenever you hear these 2 words for your entire life because they are your happy pills. =)