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  • Country : Indonesia
  • Forum : 50th batch (2013 Autumn Forum)
Participating in IATSS Forum has always been my dream. In 2007, I saw the advertisement in a local newspaper about this forum and I promised to myself that I would join this forum. My dream has come true!! I am one of the 50th IATSS Forum participants. I feel really overexcited now and cannot wait until 16th of September. When the word “Japan” is said, I always think about Sushi, Mt. Fuji, Kamen Rider and kawaii actresses from Japan: Kyoko Fukada and Maki Horikita . I really do hope that by joining this forum, I can learn from other participants about their culture and countries. Learning how to blend well in a team of people from various backgrounds and shaping my interpersonal skills. I am also excited to know more about Japanese culture, habits, modernization, food and lifestyle. I heard from previous participants that we will have seminars too; I really want to grab some useful knowledge and practical skills from all the seminars in the forum. Group Study is also making me really curious on the topic that will be presented there. I want to learn how to involve in a project, discuss ideas and solve problems Last but not least; visiting the Honda factory, the F1 Circuit, the temples in Kyoto, village touring and experiencing the Shinkansen are the activities that I anticipate the most, I can’t wait. Japan, Here I come! Yoroshiku Onegai shimas!!