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  • Country : Laos
  • Forum : 50th batch (2013 Autumn Forum)
SABAIDEE! (A Lao word that means- “HELLO”), I am so happy about being selected to join the 50th IATSS Forum that it will make my dream come true. Wow…., Is it true that I am becoming a leader? I still don’t believe I can do it. I have dreamed of becoming a skillful leader in my organization since first time I started working. I always ask myself, “Where can I learn leadership skills so that I can become a leader?” Now the answer is “ The IATSS Forum”. The IATSS Forum is the best opportunity for me to meet, discuss and share experiences and knowledge with the professionals from various sectors from 9 ASEAN countries and Japan under the crucial theme “Thinking and learning together”. I told myself all the time, “During 55 days in Japan, I must try my best to gain as much experience and knowledge from the forum as possible.” I strongly believe the IATSS forum will help me to find out the best way to solve the difficulties and challenges that I face in my organization. Through this success, I could become a leader in the future. But I also worry about the program schedule which is quite hard. I think that if I don’t try my best, I won’t complete the program. On the other hand, the IATSS forum gives me such a great chance to visit Japan again. I went to Japan in 2009. Since then respectfulness of Japanese people, their lifestyle, tradition, civilization and healthy and delicious food are still in my mind. I imagined I would have a chance to Japan again. And now I have it. I miss you so much, Japan. Hope to see you soon, Japan and IATSS’s staff and participants.
How my experience at the IATSS Forum has influenced on me