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  • Country : The Philippines
  • Forum : 50th batch (2013 Autumn Forum)
UBER-EXCITED! for the many possibilities of interacting, learning and working together with the diverse personalities coming from different cultures, educational backgrounds, experiences and beliefs. Plus, the once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the land of the rising sun—JAPAN! Since the day I submitted my application for the IATSS Forum and maybe until after the forum, the anticipation and thrills keep on compounding! The feeling was overwhelming as I was chosen and I was awed by the people who composed the selection panel. My esteem for these people was so great more so of the high-caliber lecturers I’ll be meeting very soon! My sheer enthusiasm for a fruitful time and for a magnanimous learning experience in the forum will truly transcend my profession through instruction, research and extension endeavors; and I believe this will be similarly beneficial to the people who I will get in touch with—especially my students whom I get to be with most of the time. And with high spirit, I am looking forward to befriending and to a collaboratively learning from multi-faceted and vibrant young leaders of our generation and of likewise sharing my knowledge, experiences and the rich culture and traditions of my beloved Philippines!
The IATSS forum was such a memorable experience for me. For the entire duration of the training there was never a single moment that I haven’t learned a lesson or two. Such great people I got to met and valuable sharing we have had. The relationship we had in the 50th batch of the IATSS Forum was tested by destiny. The super typhoon Haiyan had hit my place almost at the end of the forum and I really felt the concern and worries of everyone in the forum. I didn’t felt alone as everyone comforted me and helped me hope at times when I felt so hopeless. Truly this experience with IATSS was memorable. Before the start of the forum, I was uber excited but at the end of the forum I never thought that FOREVER I‘D BE THANKFUL. Forever grateful, not just for the great, great time I had in Japan and the immeasurable learning I have had but for the overwhelming omotenashi, graciousness, and support extended to me by the 50th batch of the IATSS Forum, the staff, the IATSS Forum committee, and all the Japanese people whose thoughts and hearts are with the Filipino people. P.S. If these poems can be included in the newsletter please do so. The IATSS Forum by: Rose Anna Refuerzo The selection is tough It made my heartbeat stop But, if you’re listed on top It’ll make you blush. The travel is worth the wait, To the land with vibrant race Japan, here I come With fervor, I invigorate. To meet the brightest and the best Coming from different states With their talents and wits, I just can’t resist. The learning immeasurable The sharing remarkable Our friendship is more memorable And distance will be unnoticeable. The journey may end The experiences will remain And forever in our hearts, IATSS will leave a mark! The Power of Dreams by: Rose Anna Refuerzo All our life we wonder What’s in store far there? Then we dream from here For a future that’s better. Dreams may be big Dreams may be small But does size really matters, If all we want is to get there? The power of dreams drives us all To the future that’s wonderful All we have to do is work To reach that dream we long for. Never give up, never surrender For the fruit is just around there More patience and persistence Will make miracles happen.