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  • Country : Vietnam
  • Forum : 50th batch (2013 Autumn Forum)
Hi everyone from Vietnam! My name’s Nguyen Ngoc Lien. You can call me Lizzy. I guess I’m one of the last of us to know that we ourselves will be participants of the 50th IATSS Forum. It couldn’t prevent me from screaming with happiness. This will not be my first time to go to Japan but it will surely be a precious chance for me to have an insight into Japan as well as other ASEAN countries. Thanks to the IATSS Forum and its staff for giving us, who are now 18 young strangers from different culture, back-grounds and fields of work, a chance to understand and learn from each-other. I hope we all will make the most of this opportunity to build a successful batch of sharing and mutual understanding. I am looking forward to meeting you all in Japan this September for an opportunity to think and learning together.