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  • Country : Singapore
  • Forum : 51st batch (2014 Spring Forum)
My name is Ben and I’m truly honoured to be selected for the 51st intake of IATSS Forum held in Japan. Coming from a multi-racial country like Singapore, I am looking forward to meet up with aspiring leaders and candidates from neighbouring countries to not only share my personal experience and ideas but more importantly to learn and work with them. It is a wonderful opportunity to be exposed to such a diverse group of personnel with rich cultural background in a single trip. I do believe that aside from making new friends and to learn from them, I will be able to develop my personal skill set and independence during this 55 day trip. What really excites me is that we will be travelling around Japan from places like Suzuka known for the F1 circuit to Traditional locations like Kyoto as well as to cosmopolitan city like Tokyo. I have been to Japan a few times and it has never failed to amaze me with its technological advancement as well as the pleasantness of the people. Last but not least I would like to say I’m looking forward to meet up with the course facilitators and all respective representatives from neighbouring countries. This is definitely going to be a memorable experience in a making!
A once in a lifetime opportunity – This 55 day IATSS program has provided me with an unforgettable learning experience! From the moment we arrived to the very last day, programs were lined up in a way that fully utilizes the time we have there. From the general seminars, general studies to theme studies, the programs were organized in a manner that progressively introduces the topic to us. Besides gaining knowledge of the topic, I have managed to enrich myself through this IATSS program from the staffs, fellow participants, volunteers and lecturers/professors on the different cultures, ways of life and management styles. Throughout all the things I have learnt, what really left a great impression in my heart are the hospitality of the Japanese and their time management. It is impressive how punctual or how much they emphasize on punctuality be it for meal times, lessons, transport schedules etc etc. This has become my habit now that I am back in Singapore and I hope to be able to spread this good habit to the people around me. Last but not least, I would like to thank IATSS on the attention rendered to me and I will definitely put what I have learnt to good use. Thank you for providing us a home away from home!