Applying Knowledge and Experience from
IATSS Forum & Paying Forward to Community

Participant's Voices

Hsu Htet

  • Country : Myanmar
  • Forum : 51st batch (2014 Spring Forum)
IATSS Forum, it sounds great! To keep abreast with upcoming situation, the young alumni of Myanmar need to be learning more and more from the experience of developed countries. IATSS Forum gives us this great chance. Culture exchange and team building that come from the basic theme of IATSS Forum will also be advance in mutual understanding and friendship among the diverse nations, different traditions and religions. Moreover, “Thinking and Learning together” that motto is leading the way of unity and leadership of the team based approach. When I applied this program, all the candidates were very qualified and energetic. For the God’s sake, I have chosen as the participant of 51st IATSS Forum with the lovely sister, Ms. Akari Bo. I believe that we will be building our capacities from the exercise of IATSS forum which will be so valuable for respective sector. We (2) are really happy and enthusiastic to contribute to the IATSS’s Leadership development program and other activities till the end. Dear our fellow participants and organizers, let meet and see you soon…
If we talked about the “IATSS” Forum, the very first thing which suddenly appears on our mind is the systematic structure. The previous week in our days, Gasshuku made us to bear the team sprit easily, start to build our strong friendship and ready to fully commit in the team based approach. Then, facilitation training gave us the valuable knowledge of the important of facilitation skill which is one of the components to achieve our common goal. Concerning with the seminar and lecturers, we gained the academic knowledge from international lesson learn. Also we had firsthand experience from the field studies. Then, we got the chance to learn how to settle up ourselves among the different culture, norms and tradition from the culture exchange activities and communication each other which is the big issue for the collaboration between the diversity. Moreover, group study can show the way of how to harmonize and combine wisely the competency of team member and how to find out together the proper way to attain the common goal. During our days, the most heart touching thing is our Friendship. How strong is it! Nobody can imagine it. Last but not least, I am sure to say that every single tough activity, we faced with, can support step by step improvement of our interpersonal skill and broaden our knowledge. That is why, I really impress about the IATSS Forum appropriate arranging system and fully loaded contribution. I can tell that IATSS Forum means a great deal to me and these 55 days is the most memorable moment of my life.