Applying Knowledge and Experience from
IATSS Forum & Paying Forward to Community

Participant's Voices


  • Country : The Philippines
  • Forum : 51st batch (2014 Spring Forum)
“DREAM, BELIEVE, SURVIVE” - three powerful words that I have in mind when I planned and started to apply in the screening and undergo the entire process of getting into the IATTS Forum. It is one of my dreams to see the wondrous places in Japan and learn about its culture and people. Joining the forum is a great opportunity to explore the beauty of this Asian neighbor, its norms and traditions. Furthermore, the training is an avenue to gain ideas and insights on strategic management being practiced in a highly industrialized Asian nation like Japan. In attending and participating in the IATSS Forum, I strongly believe that this offers the chance to learn, share, and gain new and relevant experiences which might be of great help not only personally but also professionally. Since diverse participants are welcome on this great endeavor, the training undeniably would really embark on the value of cooperation and sharing the best practices that we may apply in our home country, gain friends, and build inspirations as we are like an ocean connected to one other, thus, if one learns, all shall learn too. This is certainly in consonance with the IATTS motto, “Thinking and Learning Together.” I am looking forward to meeting and working productively with my fellow participants and together we hope to contribute to the success in attaining the primary objectives of the IATTS Forum.
Being part of the 51st IATSS Forum is a great opportunity to acquaint aspiring young leaders to become a responsive and an active agent of change in any organization. It taught us of everything that is essential in order to sustainably live in this society with high mobility. We have been engaged into different learning activities to grasp the first-hand experience and conceptualize the ideas on the theme studies that they want us to realize. There were a lot of meaningful experiences that let us think whether we could adopt or challenge us in order to contribute something in our own communities. One of the memorable experiences which pinch my heart most is the hardworking attitudes of teachers and administrators of the Sugashima Elementary School. They have a creative curriculum that allows their pupils to showcase the treasure of their island and in return develops the social and communication skills of the children. Another life changing experience that should be manifested in the training is the discipline and punctuality of the Japanese people which we learned from the Home stay and practiced during the entire training. We have also been dazzled with the state of the art facilities presented to us during our trips in Tokyo Traffic Center as well as in the Honda Factory. Japan has also shown their love on their culture which could be seen on the presence of the AMA san and the well-designed shrines and temples that are situated in the major places. Though most areas are advanced in all aspects, they still managed to show concern for the environmental preservation and conservation. What is very inspiring of staying there is that each of the citizens has shown sense of responsibility in their actions starting from their leaders to the grassroots level in their communities. With this inspiration, I intend to formulate and develop active role to pursue my dreams as Mr Soichiro Honda who changed traditional way of running business in the automotive industry into the next level by nourishing human resources and their dreams.