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  • Country : Malaysia
  • Forum : 51st batch (2014 Spring Forum)
Greetings from Malaysia, My name is Zulaiha, but you can call me Zee. Ever since my dear friend, who became an alumnus in this forum, introduces me to this IATSS Forum, I had been very eager to join. It was quite a struggle to convince my administrators to allow me to participate in this program. That is why I am very grateful to be selected as a participant in the 51st IATSS Forum. I really believe that this program will be the most valuable and unforgettable experience. It is an opportunity to have an insight of Japan and its culture as well as other ASEAN countries. I look forward to meet the rest of the participants and the helpful staffs. Cannot wait to have fun together, learn from one another, and make a great team and good memories in this forum. I am thrilled to bits! Hope to see all of you this May 2014!
My impression about the IATSS Forum experience Like my first impression on how it would be before going, it is the most valuable and unforgettable experience. An opportunity of a life time that leave me with no regrets. Where else can you meet such wonderful people from all over ASEAN and being so close that you felt like you are in one big family, including the supportive staff members of the IATSS Forum. We walk together, have meals together and have fun parties where we sing, laugh and cry. We also get to meet great people in Japan, exchange our cultures and experience. Even discuss the latest issues we face as a whole. We had learned a lot, like the values of teamwork, punctuality, overcoming challenges, staying focus and even about maintaining cleanliness in a country. So much valuable lesson we learned for us to bring back to our home country. In addition to the impression about the IATSS Forum, other than new experiences, it creates a ‘We’ and not just ‘me’. Thank you IATSS Forum!