Applying Knowledge and Experience from
IATSS Forum & Paying Forward to Community

Participant's Voices


  • Country : Laos
  • Forum : 51st batch (2014 Spring Forum)
First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the Japanese people as well as the Government of Japan in providing me this great opportunity. As it is well known that IATSS Forum has been one of those important for a since it was established in 1985 and this forum could bring together individuals or young professionals throughout the region to share or exchange view on a wide range of culture and as an effective forum, it could help to promote mutual and better understanding on the culture from “heart to heart” among the participants from the region. After learning the back ground of the forum, I feel so impressed and interested in attending this forum, and as an Official of the Lao Youth Union, I decided to apply to attend this forum with the hope that I could meet new friends as well as to learn the difference or similarities the culture and other knowledge. Previously, I tried many times to apply to this programme, but unfortunately, I was not selected. Despite the failure, I have never given up my mind until today I could make it and I could not wait to attend this forum which is the 51st one. Since then, every updated documents or greeting messages from IATSS Forum secretariat such as First or Second Pre-travel Information Kit really refresh me and I can’t wait to meet all of you in Japan. I strongly believe that during 57 days of the programme I would gain new experience from other participants, including Japanese friends and makes myself understand other culture or civilization and greater understanding the fusion of Asia. In addition, it provides me an opportunity to study the achievement and the great role of Japan, namely industrialization; ICT and culture preservation, and the continued and long partnership between ASEAN and Japan. It is certainty that upon the programme, I will share all experiences that I have with my colleagues, friends and family, particularly my beloved husband and son.
I am very glad to be part of 51st IATSS Forum which is one of the most benefit program for me. The IATSS Forum has given me a great opportunity to discover and improve myself. I learned more about my own strength and weakness. Moreover; IATSS Forum had given me a chance to learn more about the similarity and difference as well as mutual understanding among participants from ASEAN countries. Throughout IATSS Forum I had a wonderful key experience from team building activities and I really appreciated by this phrase ‘’Keep trying with patience’’. Base on the topic of discussion for 51st IATSS Forum ‘Sustainable society with High mobility’’ which seemed to be difficult and very new to me and other participants as well. Though all activities in IATSS such as seminars, lectures, field studies and group discussion and with the support from trainers, lecturers as well as suggestion from IATSS staffs including the cooperation from participants. Finally, we discovered the concept of how to achieve Sustainable Society with High Mobility which we can use to develop our community and our country in the future. IATSS Forum made me realize that new things always has challenges and not easy but if we keep trying by using new different ideas even from ourselves or other people who has different background, opinions by sincere and respect, we will find the best and suitable way to overcome it. This valuable key experience really inspires me not only in the IATSS Forum period but till now.