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  • Country : Indonesia
  • Forum : 51st batch (2014 Spring Forum)
Unbelievable, you can be surprise on how fast time goes by. Within couples of weeks from now I will fly to Japan along with other participant to join the 51st IATSS Forum. My excitement raised just after receiving the 2nd pre-travel document. Keeping up the balance between works and personal preparation is one kind of the kind struggle for me. But the vision of IATSS Forum about “Thinking and Learning Together” keeps me going and certainly boost my spirit. Since with the various backgrounds among the participant this forum surely will broader and bring new perspective to me. The possibility of being able to live and study in Japan for 55 days will surely enlighten and at the same time life-enrichment. Japan is always an inspiring yet at the same time bring my curiosity, since the nation seems to be able to perfectly mix the contrast between cultural and modern life among the people. This mixture surely interesting since in most society, at least the one I’m living must choose one be sacrifice. So, I can’t wait for the program because it will surely combine the eastern culture with all the sophisticated leadership element needed in the future. See you all soon :D
Hello everyone, it’s been three weeks I’m back to my routine after 55 days participated in 51st IATSS Forum and yet I still miss it every day. You might hear this before but IATSS Forum was indeed the most unique experienced I ever had so far. The uniqueness of IATSS Forum is not only because of the aura of Japan that strongly influenced it like accuracy, discipline and punctuality, while also at the same time provide wide room for personal growth in the overall program itself which eventually sharpened our senses. Although many might wonder or even doubt IATSS as a leadership trainingg, but I have to testify that IATSS without any reasonable doubt is a LEADERSHIP training. As a participant-centered training, IATSS Forum required me to give my very best and full commitment to actively participate. The very best of me didn’t only meant well-prepared, but also become as me as possible by showing my true color while at the same time ready to enrich myself throughout the forum. Being able to learn and think together with fellow participants, who I called friends right after day one, for 55 days was in one side fascinating but at the other hand also challenging. High sense of tolerance, mutual respect and understanding to achieve common goal were key points to overcome those challenges and turn strangers into friends, teachers and family. Thank you IATSS Forum for giving me a life-changing experience, which truly lived our 51st IATSS Forum motto: BELIEVE We Can Go Beyond. I strongly believe that we, me and all my friends in this forum, will achieve beyond ourselves by keep on changing, questioning, growing, evolving, succeeding, moving and eventually shining in our own way.