Applying Knowledge and Experience from
IATSS Forum & Paying Forward to Community

Participant's Voices


  • Country : Indonesia
  • Forum : 52nd batch (2014 Autumn Forum)
There are two things that I consider the most priceless, since once you have these they are going to change your life forever. First is relationship and the second is experience. I believe that IATSS program will be one of biggest enrichment in my life, since I will work together with great young men and women from ASEAN countries, learning from prominent figures, professionals and real people from Japan, and gaining a lot of new experiences during the program. I also wish to do my best in sharing and exchanging ideas, so people can understand Indonesia from my point of view. Now I am in the making of non-government organization for literacy movement in Indonesia. I am still in the process of building the concept and the most feasible implementation. For me it is no coincidence that I start to initiate the idea just couple months before IATSS fellowship has to start. I will have the opportunity to study some cases and experiences from Japan and ASEAN countries. I also have the opportunity to enhance my analytical skill, my leadership capability, and in general my growth as a better person and a good leader in the future. I am so excited for those precious moments in IATSS and wish to pay it forward to the community once I get back to the country.
My Lesson Learned at the IATSS Forum. I believe my IATSS moment is one of the most valuable times of my life since I learned and experienced so much in only 55 days. It is not only about the exotic places that I might never visit if only it is not in the program. More than that it is about the person I have met, engaged and worked together during IATSS Forum. Working together in a team which consists on different countries, background, and character is indeed one of big challenge. The very tight schedule, new environment and high expectation from oneself and the group could easily lead us to frustration, but I found that my 52nd batch managed to maintain our sense of humor and enthusiasm through the sunny and rainy days. I found it magical that within only 55 days, all of the participant can grow together both as a solid team yet extraordinary individual. When I look back and see on how the magic can happened in IATSS Forum, I highlighted on three main things that become my lesson learned. The first thing is the excellent preparation from the IATSS staff. They always pay attention to detail and make sure that every participant can catch up with any rules and activities. I notice this excellent manner is just a part of Japanese daily life from the way they deliver the service and how they present products to the customer. In Japan, the good presentation of the product is always as important as the content itself. Japanese people generally do everything full heartedly and strive for the best, and yes it inspires me to pay more and more attention to detail of the execution. Second is time efficiency. Before IATSS, I never thought that I can actually learn a new language in only 20 minutes! At least it was very useful for me during my stay in Japan and I even got a good mark on the final assessment. The schedule was intense with so many things at hands, but by doing so I also discovered some new ways to handle things more efficiently. And finally, during the program I have learnt again to accept and love myself unconditionally. I am a kind of person who frequently second doubt myself, my capability and my place in this world. Through this program, I got the opportunity to challenge yet contemplate myself and reflect on my life. Now almost 6 months after coming back home, when I look back, I understand that the magic has happened to me. And that is a stronger faith that I have already got what I need to fulfill my mission in the world and becoming the best version of myself. Thank you IATSS Forum.