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IATSS Forum & Paying Forward to Community

Participant's Voices


  • Country : Malaysia
  • Forum : 52nd batch (2014 Autumn Forum)
Frankly speaking, It’s a dream come true for me. It is such an honour for me to represent Malaysia as an ambassador in the 52nd IATSS Forum. I would say it’s a lifetime achievement for me. I am delighted to be selected as one of the 18 young professionals from ASEAN countries to attend the 52nd IATSS Forum in Japan. I’m truly excited to be a part of such an exceptional forum, which gathers diverse group of personnel from different professions and backgrounds from ASEAN countries and Japan under the crucial theme “Thinking and learning together”. I believe the multi-cultural atmosphere will stimulate an excellent learning environment. I hope the 57 days of various activities with 17 new talented friends will truly give an eye-opening experience for me. Furthermore, Japan is a nation well known for their culture of discipline in every aspect of life and its post-war economic growth miracle was a historical phenomenon that I admired since my school time. I really can’t wait to start my journey. I’m looking forward to spend useful and enjoyable time with people from across Asia and broaden myself with knowledge and understanding on social, cultural, environmental, economic and political perspectives of the ASEAN countries and in particular, Japan. I’m looking forward for an awesome trip to enhance my knowledge and skills towards becoming a better and effective leader back in my country. I’m truly grateful and take great pleasure to be part of this forum. I would like to profound gratitude to the Japan and Malaysian IATSS Forum committee for giving me such a good opportunity. See you’ll soon!!
Grateful forever Its already 4 months since I left Japan but the memories are still fresh in mind and heart. IATSS had created a big transformation in my life. I’m grateful to IATSS for opening up the path for my international exposure through this once in a lifetime opportunity. Now, proud to say I’m a member of IATSS family. IATSS forum was such a memorable yet valuable experience for me. For the entire 57 days of my stay in Japan, never a single moment passes through without any learning. Every single aspect in the forum was well planned to provide the best outcome to all the participants. Under the motto "Thinking and Learning Together", I had a great chance to share and learn various aspects of life with my fellows from Japan and ASEAN countries. We were exposed to different cultures, ways to improve our interpersonal skills, thinking out of box in finding solutions, more ego-less and higher team spirit were all priceless assets I brought home back then. The whole programme was not only focusing on leadership enhancement but includes the theme study on “sustainable community design”. The study gave us a wider idea on global challenges towards attaining a sustainable community development and how each individual is responsible to bring the change to build a better community. I would say it’s not only all about learning but full of fun moments too. The Gasshuku training was a great ice breaking moment between the participants. Cycling together to nearby places, dancing and singing during free time and of course “Onsen” together with fellow participants and IATSS staff members were memories which will stay forever. We also had a good time working together during group studies and learn a lot from each other. The 57 days passes through without realizing as the whole forum was pack with nonstop activities. Throughout the programmes, I was inspired by words from the panels, "You are the future leaders of ASEAN". The exposure to an international community has contributed greatly to my maturity, which had built a very significant and fundamental foundation helping me improve both my interpersonal and professional skills. The change in perspective has improved me in dealing with my life and career challenges; newfound boldness in taking responsibility towards community has earned for me more trust in the community and workplace as well. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the IATSS staff (Kura San, Ishii San, Nori San, Midori, Masumi, Mariko, Mie, Mikami, Tomoe san, Yumi San) and the Japanese volunteers for your warm hospitality and making us feel at home. To my fellow friends (Bopha, Chamran, Mod, Im, Diane, Jay, Dr. Khone, Yord, Feby, Lia, Rini, Zolar, Nweni, Tony, Sheila, Harry, Hama, Jun, Nobata, Deborah, Glen) Thanks for the love and friendship. We will be the “Team Awesome” forever… I’m grateful forever to “IATSS FORUM “for transforming me into better version of me….