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  • Country : Vietnam
  • Forum : 52nd batch (2014 Autumn Forum)
Participating in : 52nd batch (2014 Autumn Forum) It has been over 8 months since I surely knew my dream came true thanks to IATSS Forum. Unbelievable, excited and expected are my feelings whenever I think about this trip. Less than 2 months left, mount Fuji, sumo wrestling, geisha, the romantic view of autumn red leaves …will be real in front of me, not on TV or in magazines any more. Japan, here I come! The program is a great opportunity for me, not only to experience Japan in many different aspects of culture, lifestyle, working and studying but also to meet, learn and share ideas with all neighboring countries’ friends. I definitely believe this journey will bring us unforgettable memories, interesting experience, useful knowledge, and moreover, this is the journey of self-discovery. I am really excited and looking forward to seeing you all soon.
My impression about Japan. I strongly believe Japan is one of dreaming destinations of many people in the world. So am I! I was very lucky to come to Japan in autumn time when the tree leaves were changing from green to yellow, orange then red. How amazing it is! The most gorgeous place I discovered when I got lost in my self-development day during the time in Kyoto was Eikando Temple with beautiful view, noon ceremony’s bell-ring and specially the sound of a “well” that I couldn’t find in any temples I visited before. A bonus for me during the stay in Japan was a chance to see “Sakura” which rarely blossoms in autumn. Japanese history and culture are always huge curiosities to an exploring-lover like me. Edo Museum in Tokyo gave me interesting knowledge about a prosperous Edo Era and the link between this Era and Japanese characteristics. I also enjoyed and learnt how to complete myself from other Japanese cutural features such as Tea Ceremony, Kendo Martial-Art, Dragon Dance Festival… It will be a huge mistake if I don’t mention about Japanese people in here. Friendly, enthusiastic, helpful … are some in a long list that i can make! I totally felt comfortable like at home during 2-month stay in Japan. It could be said Japan is one of the best places in my travelling book