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IATSS Forum & Paying Forward to Community

Participant's Voices


  • Country : Laos
  • Forum : 52nd batch (2014 Autumn Forum)
Sabaidee, My name is yord TIMARCHAK , I am very exciting to joining the IATSS Forum in a few months , japan is the most the one country is famous on technology, unspoiled culture and the people are creative Ideas. The IATSS Forum is a one perfect program for me to joint and sharing the conceptual from the ASEAN countries people, this is a one chance and good opportunity and fortunately for me to find own the breakthroughs on education and cultivation and in order to strengthening capacity for the young rural areas people as me to developing the concept my self to equality as the ASEAN young leadership region in the near future , human resource development is the one of the most priority development sector in Laos as for my province. I can not stop screaming up and show up the signal smiling face ,when I was selected to being the IATSS Forum on 51th participant by the IATSS Forum committees , that wise there is a one thing inspiration and motivate me moving to ward and continuous dreaming and dare to facing and confront the challenges. Japan is the one country of my destination to gain the knowledge from the Japanese people as for the Technology, Culture , Business and environment conservation approaches and not only gain the knowledge and experiences from Japanese , but also learning from the unique culture and amazing people from ASEAN Countries by thinking , learning and sharing the concept together and one think is a good opportunity to create the relationship and network of ASEAN and Japan countries, I just wanna express my felling to the IATSS Forum committee to considers to give the opportunity for me to join the program and I swear I will do all my best to conduct and perform to enhance and arrange to success this commission and bring the knowledge from the program to implementation and action plan in Laos to being the good model for the young people in Laos to improve amazing experiences what I have been dreaming so far and now I still exciting and stuck up smiling to meet all of you and see you as soon in Japan !!!!!!.