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IATSS Forum & Paying Forward to Community

Participant's Voices


  • Country : Cambodia
  • Forum : 53th batch (2015 Spring Forum)
Hello my dear ASEAN friends and the IATSS Forum Staff: I am Sy Vanna from Cambodia. I am really excited that I have a golden opportunity to attend the Leadership Training Program in Japan and I am already to get started thinking, learning and sharing with you all as young professional leaders. After the successful selection, the IATSS forum staff have prepared well-organized, useful documents and tasks for us to be researched before the forum. To me, consequently, I have learnt more about my country (Cambodia) and Japan because of this careful preparation. Therefore, I barely cannot wait to attend the forum to experience how the forum is organized to help us improve our knowledge and skills as leaders. Moreover, I am really enthusiastic in working and learning together with you all to understand your cultures and to improve our skills as good leaders. Last but not least, I strongly believe that the two-month training course prepared by the IATSS forum will provide us opportunity to understand each other well and build up leadership skills to work together to solve current issues in the ASEAN region and Japan during the training. Finally, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the IATSS forum staff for their diligent preparation and hard work and I look forward to seeing you soon in Suzuka.
Hello my friends. I am Vanna (Nickname: James) from Cambodia. In my short message, I would like to share my impression of the IATSS forum program with you. I am indeed certain that I and my co-participants of the 53rd IATSS Forum Batch are thankful that we were given a chance to participate in the Leadership Training Program organized by the IATSS Forum. Additionally, I am optimistic to say that we had a great time during our 55 days-journey with the IATSS forum in Japan, and I personally was really impressed by the IATSS Forum program. The program is well-designed and organized to support the participants not only to gain the leadership skills but also to witness how the Japanese people exercise those leadership skills to develop their communities. Furthermore, I would love to show my appreciation of volunteers and the strong support from the IATSS Forum staff members. I am sure that you will be impressed by the way I was. I cannot share a full fifty-five-days’ worth of what I have learnt and experienced in my short message; therefore, I would love to recommend all the future participants to use your time and energy wisely to witness what will be going on during the program and to learn and understand the Japanese culture and the people mindset in the purpose of your personal growth which I believe that it will contribute to the development of your countries. Please go for it! Enjoy your new experience in Japan! Enjoy your HOMESTAY PROGRAM!