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IATSS Forum & Paying Forward to Community

Participant's Voices

Wai Wai

  • Country : Myanmar
  • Forum : 53th batch (2015 Spring Forum)
Dear All, Good day to you! This is Wai Wai, greeting from Myanmar. I am really excited about IATSS Forum since I submitted my application to IATSS Forum till now. When I know that I was chosen as one of the participants of IATSS Forum, I was very happy and I could not say about my happiness at this time. I have been preparing all necessary things to join to IATSS Form since when I was chosen as a 53rd participant even I was busy with my job. According to the motto of IATSS Forum “Thinking and Learning Together’’, all participants will learn by sharing ideas during the Program. By doing so, all participants will get more knowledge and idea from each other. Moreover we can learn about the development of Japan. I am sure that I will know very well about Japanese’s culture as well as ASEAN Countries’ culture after IATSS Forum. I am very happy to get new friends from Japan and ASEAN Countries and I think we will be very close friends during and after the program. I will come to Japan very near soon to meet with Participants, IATSS team members and all others. I am very exciting day by day to join to 53rd IATSS Forum.