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  • Country : Myanmar
  • Forum : 53th batch (2015 Spring Forum)
Wowww I can't believe I'm writing this article now. I still remember how nervous I was, last year, during the announcement of the chosen participants' names. After we finished our final interview, we all were invited to attend Alumni Seminar in the afternoon, where IF committees would announce the chosen participants for 53/54 batch in the end of the seminar. Before, I only knew about IATSS Forum through the internet and read about it from the website. I did not know any of the alumni members and I have not heard about how amazing this program from the actual participants. So, after listening to the presentation of the former 52nd participants at the seminar, my feeling to be a part of this forum became stronger and stronger, and I even wanted to turn back time and sit for the interview again and again until I satisfied - "Did my passion reach to them?" "Did my ability express to them very well?" [I've sat for so many panel interviews like job interview, personal interview for master degree study and interviews for various international exchange programs, and I've always believed that I will pass it right after that because I'm confident about myself that I will make it. But, this time, it's just so different. I have never been this nervous. And, I just realized how badly I want it.] The time when they were about to announce the names of the chosen participants, my heart was beating faster and I couldn't concentrate or hear anything, until my name was called. I remember that I got paralyzed and was standing at my place dumbfoundedly while hearing own name. Finally .. my wish came true! After the seminar, the Alumni hold the dinner and also invited us (the newly chosen participants) to join them, and I had a chance to talk more with IATSS committees and senior alumni there. Hearing the experiences and memories from senior alumni members made me look forward to it more, and seeing their warm relationship with the committee members and seeing how they're excited for holding '2015 International Alumni Meeting' and willingly discussing about the preparation makes me think "So, this is IATSS Forum and this is the kind of passionate people I will meet when I go to Japan and participate." My excitement raised after receiving the 2nd pre-travel information kit. By looking at the super tight schedule and having so much to prepare and research for the seminar topics before our trip, I know that we are going to learn so much and at the same time have lots of fun. I can't wait to grab some knowledge and skills from all the Seminars. I can't wait to learn how to involve in a project, discuss ideas and solve problems in Group Studies. I can't wait to meet my host family and learn the Japanese culture from them and experience Japanese lifestlye during my Homestay. I can't wait to visit Honda Factory, Suzuka F1 Circuit, Tokyo Traffic Control Center and the others. I can't wait to spend my Individual plan days visiting the temples in Kyoto and some famous places in Tokyo. I can't wait to meet with the participants from the various backgrounds and nationalities and learn and exchange ideas to improve our leadership capacity and inter-cultural understanding. I am really looking forward to that 57 days that I am going to spend in Japan!!!