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IATSS Forum & Paying Forward to Community

Participant's Voices


  • Country : Thailand
  • Forum : 53th batch (2015 Spring Forum)
“Sa-Wad-Dee Kha” This is a little voice from Thailand. I am Podduank (Nisita Khongpaitoon). I am really great and honor to be one of those selected for 53rd IATSS Forum in Japan. The program of IATSS Forum is not only focus on traffics, science and safety but also other fields. I think this forum is really useful for me because of 4 mainly topics including 1) Knowledge : The intelligent knowledge is provided by this forum. I can learn various subjects through vary methods by this program, especially the theme of learning and thinking together. 2) Friendship : There are many people from different countries among Asia. We can share the knowledge and build up friendship during the IATSS forum. 3) Network : Beyond the program, friendship and network may are built up together. After program, we can keep in touch and can share knowledge and information. 4) Cultural and language : Understanding and sharing other cultural is the good way to harmony our Asian society. Last but not least, thank you very much for giving me a chance to participate this program in Japan, the land of wealthy cultural and fruitful nature. The 55 days in Japan will be one of the most worthwhile and precious memory in my life. See you there.
My Impression on 53th IATSS forum (Nisita) I am Nisita Khongpaitoon from Thailand. IATSS forum is not only a program to train participants to be the good leaders by bring out the strong power and make up the weaknesses of the team members, but also to build up a community leader by teamwork process. My impression about 55 days in Japan during 53th IATSS forum consists of 3 main things as follow. 1. Japanese Culture and Atmosphere: Japan is a developed country which has very good city planning. I really impressed on the transportation system when I went to transportation control center. You have a good transportation system, especially on the time schedule of public transport and emergency cars that can safe injured. Moreover, Honda is one of the popular vehicle brands that produced the cars and motorcycle base on the idea of safety. The basic idea is for approving the quality of people’s lives, especially handicapped like me and for reducing accidents. All concepts can develop your country and also economic system as well. Furthermore, basic income of Japan is from industries but you are really taking a good care of the environment lead to purified water body, clean air, good atmosphere and safe city. Japanese culture for work and daily life is also impressed me. IATSS staffs have a great dedicate and effort to work. They prepare 120% for 100% success. This experience can be applied to my work. In addition, most of Japanese people are disciplined and followed the rules. Moreover, Japanese people can preserve their culture from generation to future generation. 2. Leadership Program As I mention above, this program provides opportunities for participants from different countries in ASEAN and Japan to understand and learn together by many ways such as seminars, field studies, group study, and cultural exchanges, under the motto "Thinking and Learning Together. I have learned a lot on how to work as teamwork and understand the difference of biodiversity among participants and staffs. This program can bring out my strong point and improve my weak point. 3. Friendship and relationship I have many new foreign friends from this forum. All of us come from different background, family and country but we have a beautiful friend during the program. Moreover, relationship between participants and staffs is also good and strong. We are like a big family. Last but not least, networking is very important for the future and further connection. I hope we can communicate to each other from different part of the world and keep in touch for our friendship forever.