Applying Knowledge and Experience from
IATSS Forum & Paying Forward to Community

Participant's Voices


  • Country : Laos
  • Forum : 54th batch (2015 Autumn Forum)
I was a newly graduated and listen to my senior colleague was talking about his life experiences during IATSS Forum. A discussion with her became one of my passions to apply for this forum accordingly and today I have put a lot effort to become one of 54th IATSS Forum participants. There are many factors to become a good leader in future, however, in a greater picture how to become Young Leader could be accomplished from IATSS Forum by learning and sharing ideas from different backgrounds among talent people from Asia and Japan under concept “Thinking and Learning Together”. Because the forum not only focuses on leadership through exchange and discussion from different perspective, Moreover, we will be able to experience the social issues and successful case by seminar and field study. I strong believe in learning through experience with my high expectation and motivation to refine my leadership qualities, how to contribute ability of teamwork and capabilities to apply toward my current work after return home. Thank you for the opportunities to join this forum may not enough, therefore, I will attempt to maximize my potential in order to reach common goal.
Greeting from Laos and congratulation to my new IATSS family of the 55th batch, here comes to the second time to write a message about IATSS Forum. Even though, this time we are writing at a different places but I am pretty sure that all of us have the same good memories as a 54th batch through 59 days in Japan. IATSS Forum to me is not only “Thinking and Learning together” through the seminars or group study as the purpose of the forum mentioned, however, included IATSS staffs, a host family, Japanese volunteers and participants are also “Sharing and Caring each other” because no matter how long the time has been past, we all keep in touch and become sisters and brothers or some people called it as a second family. To all participants, joining IATSS Forum is not something that you have to prepare yourself in order to a good leader among the team. Nevertheless, you just be yourself with an open hearted and minded so that you will enjoy the single moment of happiness and difficult time during the programs. I believe that “Gasshuku day” is the first opportunity for all of us to create a good teamwork by using your own strength to support one another, at the same time take an opportunity to be a challenger in order to step out of the comfort zone so that you can learn that you can be better than today. Moreover, beside learning from the forum, one of the my best experiences in Japan happened at “Individual Plan Day” you will be able to explore Japanese culture, food, people and to visit unseen places in historical sites, the most excited part is you will experience it all by yourself, so please kindly get ready and plan ahead to use the time worth.