Applying Knowledge and Experience from
IATSS Forum & Paying Forward to Community

Participant's Voices

Aung Aung

  • Country : Myanmar
  • Forum : 54th batch (2015 Autumn Forum)
Mingalabar! I’m Aung. Finally, my dreams do come true! I still remember very excitement feeling when I heard who winners for 2015 IATSS Youth Leadership Forum are. I am very happy when I was selected as one of the representative youths from Myanmar country to contribute IAISS Youth Leadership Forum 2015. Under the motto of IATSS Forum “Thinking and learning together”, I will benefit social network friendship and strong connectivity among young representatives from Japan-ASEAN countries, sharing about traditional cultures and festivals among Japan-ASEAN countries, learning effective professional values and skills from the IATSS Youth Leadership Forum. Moreover, I have an opportunity to exchange experiences related our culture, current issues in our community face and, what should we do together in the future to solve main issues among Japan and ASEAN countries. This Forum will offer opportunities for us to ponder on how we see ourselves as leaders in an interconnected, dynamic, and collaborative environment. I am eager to learn and develop relevant skills, values, knowledge and attitudes with dynamic and multi-cultural co-working experience within collaborative environment. I think this forum will serve as one of the catalysts for the effective engagement of young people in steering the course of Japan and ASEAN’s future development to become future leaders of the next generations. This Forum assists extraordinary opportunities and experiences for me to improve my future career opportunities!
Hi! Welcome next generation of IATSS FORUM! I am Aung from Myanmar (54th Batch of IATSS FORUM) I would like to say you all to learn and think all issues among our community and explore the best solutions for next young generation. As my experience, IATSS Forum raises me up not only my personal development but also professional development for the future. I have a chance to learn issues on study trips, tours, site visits, lecture time and experienced about ASEAN- Japan’s Culture, Life style during the process of IATSS Forum. Let’s take challenge for your improvement and find out the best solution for our community.