Applying Knowledge and Experience from
IATSS Forum & Paying Forward to Community

Participant's Voices


  • Country : Myanmar
  • Forum : 54th batch (2015 Autumn Forum)
One of my dreams is surely coming true: I’ve been selected as to participate in the 54th IATSS Forum. I am very excited to meet other colorful dreamers like me, and I am eager to further my knowledge about the current issues in my country. What a great opportunity! This forum can satisfy my burning desire to contribute to my country, while also giving me the chance to experience other lovely cultures. I will work to learn and build myself up with many other young professional experts from ASEAN countries, following the motto of the forum “Thinking and Learning Together”. Through the program, I would not only gain valuable professional and career experience, but also the chance to network and gain international understanding and intercultural exchange. This opportunity is new for me, that is, to learn and share in a multicultural context, and will surely become a prominent part of my life moving forward. I welcome all of you who will be a part this experience.
I look back 57 days IATSS forum in Japan and what I have got through this forum . I have been much impressed about IATSS forum organization's supportiveness and have highly paid attention in details. And well prepared for us and their efforts had made me impressed. I have got much knowledge about Japan, high technology, tradition, well preserve culture, healthy foods , Japanese peoples and hard working styles of Japanese peoples. Mid of the forum, we celebrated Japanese cultural exchange day and ASEAN- Japan cultural exchange day . From these cultural exchange days , I met a lot of local volunteers. Some of them have supported IATSS forum more than 25 years that is unbelievable for me . We have learned about Japanese tea festival and have chance of wearing YuKaTa. Moreover, we have learned how to cook sushi , how to write Japanese language and how to eat long noodles. Actually, cultural introduction day is so meaningful for us because we have learned ASEAN culture and Japanese culture at the same time. We have a great time with local volunteers , we danced, taste the Japanese foods and drink together. After that we knew each other and more close liked brothers and sisters between participants. I am sure every participant enjoyed all activities which hold by IATSS forum. Another impressions are Japanese education and infrastructure. I have noticed that how much Japanese government care about people. To sum up , thank you all IATSS forum staffs ,all volunteers and my host family members. I will keep my impression of your warm hospitality in my whole life . I can not thank you enough. But thank you again ! For our new members of Alumni , please keep in mind that IATSS forum is a very unique and special one. Please learn everything whatever you face and enjoy every experience as much as you can. Welcome to our alumni !!!