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  • Country : Singapore
  • Forum : 54th batch (2015 Autumn Forum)
1 year plus ago I heard about this IATSS Forum from my cousin. I was excited after hearing what he is able to learn and do during the time in Japan. A rare opportunity for me and the rest of participants to attend IATSS Forum. A learning journey for us to learn and work together during the upcoming 59 days, once in a lifetime experience for all of us. I am looking forward to meet everybody in Japan to understand and learn from everyone that came from different country, background and culture. A place I get to learn many new thing and knowledge from all my new friends without travelling to individual country. Looking forward to the programme that IATSS Forum staff have plan. Where we will be able to travel around to visit and learn new stuff together. I am excited to see Suzuka Circuit as i only get to see on television during F1 race. Last but not least Honda Factory in Suzuka even though they only produces automobile over there. I am fan of Honda motorcycles which I use to owe back home. Can’t wait for Sept 19th to reach and start the once in a lifetime experience. Thank you IATSS Forum & Staff to make this happen for all of us.
Hihi 55th Batch. IATSS Forum is a unique and eye opening programme which you must appreciate it. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity where you get to meet different people from different county and background. During the forum you will get to communicate and work with friends you meet during the forum. You will learn that trying to get a group consensus is not easy, as everybody will have their idea and way of working. Some will be willing to accept and some will not accept any idea easily and continue to push for their idea. End of the day is about learning to work together, achieve better idea and greater height together in a group. Before going for the forum, most important you must have an open mindset, willing to accept challenges, try out different thing and many more (find out during the programme). There will be no fun and not interesting if i say too much. Physically do try to lose weight before going to the forum. You will gain weight instead of losing during the forum. During the forum you always get to eat tasty food that is hard to resists. Enjoy your 55th batch programme and do remember not leave Japan with any regret when the programme ends, so you remember to live everyday to the fullest during your time there.