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  • Country : Vietnam
  • Forum : 54th batch (2015 Autumn Forum)
Xin chao! Very warm greetings from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam! My name is Phuong and I will be a participant in the 54th IATSS Forum. It is my great honor to be selected for the program, joining hands with other young leaders in Asia to learn, think and exchange new knowledge and experiences. Cam on and thank you! I can’t believe that I will be in Suzuka soon. I am thrilled for this precious opportunity. It is my first study program abroad, especially in Japan a country with unique cultures and modern developments. The more I read and prepare for the trip, the more excited it gets. I will be meeting new friends coming from other countries with different backgrounds and perspective. I expect this will be a life-changing opportunity to me as I will learn a lot and this will open my mind to new knowledge and skills. I strongly believe this experience will shape me become a better leader when going back to my country. I am ready and looking forward to seeing you in Suzuka.
IATSS Forum is a unique experience as it is a gathering of youngsters from 9 ASIAN countries in an amazing host country of Japan. You will not see how dynamics our region is, but also the personalities, working styles and lifestyles. Everyday will come with something that you had not known before. To make the best out of the experience, I think you should be open to your new friends who will show amazing cultures, be accepted to differences as they will paint colors to your batch, be daring to do things that you don't normally do as you will not have the opportunity to do again, and be willing to listen as you will learn so much from the lecturers, your friends and the local Japanese. After all, I ensure with you that you will feel so engaged in the ASEAN region in many ways. All the best and enjoy the Forum.