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  • Country : Vietnam
  • Forum : 54th batch (2015 Autumn Forum)
Hello every one. All the best to members of IATSS Forum. This is Pham from Vietnam. It is nice to be selected as a participant in the 54th in Japan. I have heard about prestige of the Forum and have a numerous matters which I would like to receive from it. Firstly, I would like to explore and understand about cultures of different countries such as Thailand, Indonesia and Japan. Secondly, I also wish to learn leadership skill which shall be very useful for my life and my work. Thirdly, I would like to open my friend networks with people from other countries. Furthermore, the skill of team work is very important to my career, therefore it is expected that my skill shall be improved through your useful activities. In addition, our culture and beautiful landscapes of our country shall be introduced to other participants. Finally, it is known that Japan is considerably beautiful and it shall be opportunities to visit your country. I hope to see you all soon. Best regards,
Dear IATSS's family, It has been four months since I returned from IATSS Forum. Time flies, the image of IATSS Forum, however, is still fresh in my mind. Therefore, I would like to share with you what shapes IATSS in mind. Firstly, when I think about IATSS, I remind about IATSS's staff. Being there, I met passionate staffs. They spent all their time on taking care of and worry about us more than we did. They woke up in early morning and stayed up plate so that all well preparedness was ready for their fellows. Secondly, joining IATSS brought me a great chance to work with and learn from professors from Universities, famous CEO, directors, volunteers successful business models, on site experience. This chance made me understand about the reason for success of Japan today as well as the contribution of elder to their society. Next, it is undeniable that cultural exchange between ASEAN countries and Japan is a valuable aspect. The forum shall equip you with fundamental knowledge about cultures from different countries. Through this, you will know you to work and co-operate with people with various cultures. Fourthly, this is a great time for me to understand about myself and the power and skill of teamwork. You will realize if you want to go fast, Go alone; If you want to go far, go together. Last but not least, the 54 days living in Japan formed new family including members from 10 countries. From now, you shall know that each time you travel to any Asean countries or Japan at least two family's members are waiting for you. Hope you will have your own feeling about the program and welcome to our big family, IATSS forum.