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  • Country : Myanmar
  • Forum : 55th batch (2016 Spring Forum)
Hello to every one greeting from Aung Myint. I am from Myanmar, now, I have the great one, from the day I have selected to participate IATSS forum in Japan as a representative of Myanmar . When I arrive in Japan, firstly , let me say loudly “Hello beautiful fuji.” For me it is the first time to learn in aboard, so excited especially modern developed country like Japan. This forum give me opportunity to learn the same place, the same time with young leader from different places, cultures, religious and e environment. My hands can’t wait to join with them and I will seal all of the shining process in my mind, in my lifetime about thinking and learning together during 57 days Japanese land. In this forum not only give the professional skills of Leadership but also make the connectivity between Japan and ASEAN. And we can get trust building more and more in young people from ASEAN region. My mine is thirsty, wanna drink newly ideas of participants and facilitators of forum, and in group discussion I will deploy all of my knowledge skills and experiences. I hope this program will improve my ability to view the problem from many angles and detail. After learning this program, I sure, I will carry precious knowledge from there and share to all of my friends who live in Myanmar. I wish sustainable development in Japan more and more, we all participants and Japanese people might get physically and mentally peacefully. Aung Myint