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  • Country : Malaysia
  • Forum : 55th batch (2016 Spring Forum)
Salam 1 Malaysia, Hi there, nama saya Ruzainie dan saya berasal dari Malaysia! (My name is Ruzainie and I’m from Malaysia!) I was introduced to this program by my former supervisor who is also one of my close friend. Love her so much! From the moment I read the content, exposure and future networking I’ll be making, I totally sold to the idea and apply for it right away. Thank you to God, everything was a smooth journey from the moment I met with the panel at the interview to the confirmation of participation and even right now. The amount of joy and excitement that I have is beyond words. I’m blessed! As a sushi aficionado, hi-tech addict and nature lover, Japan has always been special and close to me (although I never been to Japan, it’s always be on top of my travel list). To be selected and have this opportunity to stay in Japan for 2 months, it’s totally an amazing lifetime experience. On top of this, I really looking forward to meet all the delegates from the ASEAN countries as I believe every one of us is unique in our own way and I can’t wait to learn something from them. I really do believe that every culture has their own wisdom and virtues and it is an advantage to learn these new values. Moreover, the motto of IATSS itself “Thinking and Learning Together” has a strong message and trust me the cross culture teamwork and working with people from different professions and backgrounds will definitely be exciting. I’m sure we will all have a great time there! Last words from me, Japan! Here I come. 
Assalamualaikum, minasan hajimemashite. “Experience is not what happen to you, it’s what you do with what happens to you.” 55 days throughout the program, there are lots of things that I’ve learned. It is such an honor for me to experience this great journey. To the next batch, I’ve summarize my experiences, observations and recommendations as below: I.A.T.S.S I – Involvement Get involve. Be a team player. IATSS Forum committee members have prepared a relevant line up and interesting schedule customize for your batch, so my advice is come with open mind, heads up and get involve. Believe me, the more you get involve the more you will learn and discover which you will forever treasure it. Involvement from every parties would generate the greatest outcome which interpret to the vast, strong and brilliant idea. A – Appreciate Appreciate the amount of time, love and knowledge you will get from other participants, alumni members and Japanese community and volunteers. By appreciating each other it is spontaneously strengthen the bond between us. We share the great experience and learn to become a better person and better society. T – Tolerate Be tolerate to others. Give equal opportunity to other participants to participate. Although, the topic/ seminar is most relevant to you, offer the microphone to someone else’s too! Who knows you might learn something from their thought as well. S – Sincerity The forum giving a huge exposure to diversity of culture, people, language, and even food. By opening my heart to accept the change and adapt it with my life is such a wonderful things I have gone through along this program. It teaches me a lot about the element of sincerity. I feel much grateful to experience this priceless moment as a participant. On the last day of the program, I didn’t expect to shed my tears. I never thought that 55 days would be long enough to create any emotional connection with all of the participants, but guess what, the sincere friendships and connection took over and it’s really sad to say goodbye to each other. S – Self Reflect Make a time for yourself. It’s advisable for you to take sometimes and reflect on your achievement. What bring you to Japan? Why you are selected? And trust me, a regular self-reflection will make you stay on your track. To conclude, IATSS Forum is not only provide me with the bridge to knowledge and leadership skills, but also has help me to discover my truly self and most importantly has opened up so many doors for me. I would not trade my experiences for anything. With Love from Malaysia, Dani, Batch 55th