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IATSS Forum & Paying Forward to Community

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  • Country : Cambodia
  • Forum : 56th batch (2016 Autumn Forum)
Chumreap sour from Phnom Penh, Cambodia! My name is Sovannetra KHUN, I’m currently working for secretariat general of the Senate of the kingdom of Cambodia. It’s my great pleasure to be selected as one of the 17 young professional from ASEAN countries to attend 56th IATSS forum in Suzuka, Japan for 57 days. Effective and efficiency result of workplace is relying on young and productive leader in the organization. Being a leader, it’s very important to know your own leadership styles and to develop self-capacity from days to days. I’m so excited and looking forward to learn all the new things from the program and other participants. Moreover, this is my first time in Japan, so it’s a great opportunity for me to exploring Japanese culture and lifestyle. Being away from home, family and country for 57 days such a very impressive experiences and I strongly believe that the course would enable me to bring back the new thought, new environment and new improvement of my work, life and country as a whole. Last but not least, I would like to express my sincere grateful to management and IATSS’s staff for organizing such a meaningful and valuable program to all participant from ASEAN member’s countries. Best regard
Topic 1. What you have done so far to make your society better since you returned from Japan. Chum reap sour-Hello everyone, it’s a great honor to share the experience I gained at the IATSS Forum, which has become one of the great experiences in my life. I would also like to share what I have done so far since I returned from Japan. The IATSS forum is a memorable and unforgettable moment you would spend once in lifetime. During the forum, I enriched myself with many different experiences and lessons learnt; management and leadership style, sustainable development, diversified culture among ASEAN countries and making new friends. Most impressive things I have encountered with were the spirit of volunteerism, kindness, sharing attitude, humbleness as well as the strictness and well-organized skill of Japanese people and culture. I didn’t not realize how much the IATSS forum had influenced on me and changed my life until I got back to work. On the first day at work, I felt like there is something I have to start taking actions right now. So I decided to apply what I had learnt from the forum, which is “Thinking and Learning Together”, into my routine work. Three months later, I noticed that I was making remarkable progresses, improvements and achievements at work. I strongly believe that nothing is impossible to change if you are willing to change. If you want to make change, you have to start first from yourself, your family, your community, your society and your Country!