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  • Country : Thailand
  • Forum : 56th batch (2016 Autumn Forum)
‘Sa-Wad-Dee Krub’ is a greeting voice from Thailand. I am Putangoon Hoonsadee and you can call me ‘Champ’ – which came from Champion ^_^. It is a great chance and marvelous opportunity for me to be part of IATSS Forum batch#56 which is about to start in September, 2016. This is my first time to Japan and I’m really excited. I am looking forward to meet you Japan – all participants, staffs, friends, and Japanese ways of life including travelling to ‘World Class’ Japanese tourist attractions. Japan is well-known as one of the most civilized nation in the world and I really wish to learn how Japanese build their nation from the ashes to become a leading country of the world. Furthermore, I also want to think, share, learn and grow with my colleague from ASEAN countries as a motto ‘Unity among diversity’. Lastly, I would like to Thank you IATSS Forum committee, both in Thailand and in Japan for giving me this great opportunity and honor. As a Thai representative and ambassador, I do intend to fully cooperate and use all my capacity and ability participating in the program. And I wish 58 days in Japan will be a memorable time in my life.
Welcome you all to the IATSS Forum family ^_^ I would like to share my impression and experience in both topics – What I have done so far to make my society better since I returned from Japan & Useful massage or advice for the up-coming participants. For the first topic, after I returned home in Thailand, luckily I had a great chance to join the Thailand IATSS Forum Alumni the Piloting project on IATSS Forum Alumni Cross – country Learning and Leadership Development during 10 – 11 December 2016 in Nakhon Ratchasima province, Thailand. This project aims to contribute in volunteer and solidarity spirit by responding to the needs of local community and stakeholders (in this activity, organic farmer’s community). We did volunteer activities to support local community by restoration of community – based irrigation system (the hands-on experience in check dam restoration with the local community), and did the seed bomb project at Thap Lan National Park (Tree planting using slingshots to shoot your seed plants). More importantly, we visited Uncle Chok Garden where we were inspired with the philosophy, passion and the self – sufficiency mindset for local wisdom of Thai farmers, community – led efforts in sustainable development. I also met a colleague from my batch which I took her tour some interesting place in Bangkok after finished the program. For the second topic, I would like to give ‘5Bs’ as key success for joining the forum. ‘B industrious’, I’m sure that many challenging activities are waiting for you. Sleepless is quite common practice. So, please be industrious and patient. ‘B yourself & have fun’, I would like to say from my heart that now you are sitting in the seat that so many people want to take place. So please take your time in the forum and enjoy every single moment there because it only once in the life time. When you return home, you may regret not doing something or fully participate in the activities. If something is not so strange, it is acceptable in the forum. ‘B open minded’, as we know, we come from different background – life, education, culture, religion etc. So please open your mind to learn new things both your ASEAN and Japanese ways of life/ cultures. ‘B creative’, some activities you have to think out of box. So, ‘input’ your creativity will lead to amazing ‘output’ both recreational activities and academic activities (Group study). ‘B best friend’ is the last word I would like to share to you. In this forum you will understand the real meaning of ‘friendship’. It may not 100% in cooperation, conflict can arise from any relation, but believe me this friendship will be in your mind forever.